May 1, 2019. New 20 Watt versions of modular Sprout‐D and Sprout‐H released.

Lighthouse Photonics has today released 20 Watt versions of its modular Sprout‐D and
Sprout‐H laser systems. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “Since their
release in 2012, we have delivered hundreds of lower‐power Sprout‐D and Sprout‐H systems to
customers around the world. Their modular design with disconnectable laser heads appeals to both
scientists and OEM integrators. With no fiber umbilical, these new high‐power systems are easier to
install, integrate and service, while still offering the same excellent performance.”

January 30, 2018. New single‐frequency Sprout‐Solo released.

In response to popular demand, Lighthouse Photonics has today released a single‐frequency version
of its highly successful Sprout laser system. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics,
commented “For some years we have received many requests for a single‐frequency version of our
Sprout laser. The new Sprout‐Solo offers up to 10 Watts in a single longitudinal mode output and
should appeal to many applications including holography, interferometry, Raman spectroscopy and
optical lattices. This new, patent‐pending product builds upon our deep experience to provide a laser
with excellent beam quality and ultra‐low‐noise performance.”

May 1, 2017. 700th Sprout laser shipped.

Lighthouse Photonics is proud to announce the shipment of the 700th Sprout laser system. Dr. John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “The excellent beam quality and ultra-low-noise performance of the Sprout laser are proving to be real advantages to our customers engaged in precision research. Our patented resonator design simultaneously produces an extremely stable and quiet output beam – ideally suited for today’s demanding science.”

September 1, 2016. Relocation to new, larger facility.

Lighthouse Photonics has relocated its operations to a new, larger facility just a few miles from its previous location. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “In order to support our growing business we have invested in increased production capacity and upgraded cleanroom equipment. The entire facility is much larger and equipped with new air-handlers. This expansion is a key part of our next stage of growth.”

August 18, 2014. Lawsuit dismissed.

The patent infringement lawsuit filed by Newport Corporation in 2012 was dismissed at the request of the parties by the United States District Court in Santa Ana, California. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “Lighthouse is pleased with this final resolution, and looks forward to continued growth.”

January 16, 2013. New 18 Watt version of Sprout-G released.

Lighthouse Photonics is proud to announce the general release of an 18 Watt version of its popular Sprout-G CW green laser. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “In the past 12 months our technical team have made impressive advances in the diode-to-green conversion efficiency of all Sprout products. For the higher power versions the conversion efficiency is now well over 40%. This dramatic reduction in diode pump power requirements translates into higher reliability and lower cost-of-ownership. We invite all our customers to visit our booth at Photonics West early next month to see the new 18 Watt Sprout operating.”

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January 23, 2012. Higher power Sprout lasers target power-hungry applications.

New 15 Watt and 12 Watt versions of the Sprout laser are aimed at expanding scientific markets such as high power CW and mode-locked Ti:Sapphire oscillators, and high repetition rate CW-pumped Ti:Sapphire amplifiers. The tremendous success of the lower power Sprout lasers, especially the 10 Watt version, helped spur the development of these new products. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “Our customers are already seeing the same excellent performance with these new pump lasers. They produce the same high beam quality, wavelength purity and low noise as the 5-10 Watt versions. All at a price point and low cost of ownership that is extremely attractive.”

December 1, 2011. Service-via-Internet saves customers time and money.

New Service-via-Internet choice is a free service for all products. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “Remote diagnosis of customer units via internet connection is a benefit for everyone – the customer does not need to pay and then wait for a service visit – we can quickly access the customer’s unit and diagnose any issue. This helps keep our efficiency high and our costs low. It’s a win-win solution for the customer and us.”

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July 6, 2010. Strong demand drives move to new facilities.

Strong customer demand has driven rapid expansion and relocation to new, larger facilities. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “The reaction from customers to the Sprout DPSS laser has been remarkable. The word is getting around that the Sprout offers a unique blend of high performance and excellent value. This new, larger facility will allow us to boost production and prepare for the next phase of growth.”

May 1, 2010. Worldwide interest in Sprout drives further expansion.

Lighthouse Photonics has further expanded its global distribution network into Poland, Italy, and Southeast Asia. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented “More and more customers are hearing about the Sprout™ DPSS laser, its extremely low-noise performance and tremendous value. We have now added some excellent distribution partners in Europe and Asia who will help grow the company over the coming years.”

February 11, 2010. Lighthouse Photonics Expands Worldwide.

In response to broad interest in the Sprout™ DPSS laser, Lighthouse Photonics has expanded its distribution network into China, Japan, Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand. Dr John MacKay, CEO of Lighthouse Photonics, commented on this expansion “We have added some extremely capable distribution partners in many of the key world markets. Our chosen partners have already-established relationships with customers and I am looking forward to growing our presence outside of North America.

November 1, 2009. New 10W CW DPSS Green Pump Laser offers Outstanding Value.

The new Sprout™ DPSS laser from Lighthouse Photonics produces up to 10W of Continuous-Wave (CW) power at 532nm. The sealed, patent-pending Sprout™ offers a cost-effective solution for pumping ultrafast and cw Ti:sapphire lasers, as well as other applications. Designed for extremely low noise and excellent long-term stability , the compact laser head features a Seal™ enclosure for long lifetime and LockT™ optical mounting for superb reliability. The equally compact power supply contains both the fiber-coupled diode pump laser and an integrated purpose-built thermo-electric cooler. The overall unique design and construction leads to efficient assembly and testing to enable lower costs.